Another Product Recall Due to Battery Issues

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that Lime, an innovative electric scooter company, was forced to pull thousands of its scooters off the streets due to concerns around defective batteries.

Lime is not alone - as companies race to market with innovative battery-powered devices and with shorter product release cycles, the challenge of designing, integrating and monitoring energy storage becomes more severe.

At Voltaiq, we know this challenge personally. Since 2012, we’ve worked with companies in the transportation, energy storage and consumer electronics industries to simultaneously expedite AND de-risk the challenge of incorporating and monitoring modern battery storage in everyday products such as electrified vehicles and mobile electronic devices as well as in industrial products like grid storage.

As our daily world continues to electrify, Voltaiq is ready to support the battery revolution within these market segments with our industry-leading battery intelligence software platform.  To see a demo right away, fill out the form to the right, and we'll set it up! 

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