Voltaiq Launch

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Voltaiq website. Try a demo of Voltaiq Core to see the power of our advanced data managment and visualization solution, or create your own Voltaiq Cloud account to try Voltaiq Core out with your own performance data.

Subway Labs is now Voltaiq

Subway Labs is now Voltaiq! Look out late this summer for the launch of Voltaiq Core, the first available module of the Voltaiq Suite. Voltaiq Core is a powerful data visualization and analytics tool for batteries, capacitors and fuel cells — streamlining data management tasks, putting valuable insights front and center.


We're excited to announce that Subway Labs was awarded a Phase I DOE SBIR grant. The grant will aid Subway Labs to develop our first product, IV Spy, which enables companies to develop new energy products faster while utilizing fewer resources. IV Spy is an integrated platform for tracking device performance throughout the product lifecycle, from R&D, QC and integration, through deployment. Our product lets users easily view and analyze data in an intuitive, browser-based interface. Data files are automatically synchronized to a centralized database, enabling deep statistical analysis across the entire body of data in real time.