Have you ever wondered where that data came from?

For those of you who have seen a demonstration of Voltaiq, you may have noticed that we showcase a lot of battery data. Did you ever wonder where that data came from?

First off, the data is real, but it did not come from our customers (in case you were wondering). Voltaiq provides the industry's leading Battery Intelligence platform for our customers, and this platform includes a robust, secure environment where they have full control of their data, and no one else can see or have access to their data other than explicit members of their team. 


So how did we get this data? Is the data simulated?

The data we showcase isn't simulated, copied or artificially manufactured. Our team actually ran thousands of battery tests on actual devices to generate the data we demonstrate. We collected data to showcase a variety of customer use cases from rate studies and hybrid pulse power characterizations to cycle life, cold cranking for Pb Acid and dQ/dV differential capacity analysis and high precision coulometry.

Going into the holidays, we would like to take a moment to thank our partners in the testing industry: Arbin Instruments, Maccor and Digatron who generously sent us demo testers to help us jump start Voltaiq. Besides our partners in the testing industry, Voltaiq would not be here today without the help of many others. We would also like to send a longer thank you note to all those who have helped us along the way: Goodbye NYC, hello CA -- Voltaiq is moving West!