Evaluating The New Arbin Instruments Linear Battery Testing Series Cyclers

Arbin Instruments generously decided to let us do a side-by-side comparison of their newest line of battery testers, the LBT series, with their traditional BT-2000 series test systems. This new generation of testers, along with the new HPTCE series (capable of meaningful high-precision coulomb counting), are the result of Arbin’s collaboration with Ford Motor Company and Sandia National Lab through the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program.

Arbin and Maccor Recommended Cycling Procedures

At Voltaiq we’re often asked for recommendations on how to best set up and record data from a battery or capacitor test. If you’re like us, you probably built your first test program using a template created by someone else — without first thinking through the implications of each recording step. At the end of this post we'll provide some best-practice cycling procedures to produce rich data sets with minimal noise, delivering powerful insights from your battery data.